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From Cloud First to Cloud Smart

The 2019 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy — Cloud Smart — is a long-term, high-level strategy to drive cloud adoption in Federal agencies. This is the first cloud policy update in seven years, offering a path forward for agencies to migrate to a safe and secure cloud infrastructure. This new strategy will support agencies to achieve additional savings, security, and will deliver faster services.

"To keep up with the country’s current pace of innovation, President Trump has placed a significant emphasis on modernizing the Federal government. By updating an outdated policy, Cloud Smart embraces best practices from both the federal government and the private sector, ensuring agencies have capability to leverage leading solutions to better serve agency mission, drive improved citizen services and increase cyber security." — Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer

Cloud Smart focuses on three inter-related areas to drive cloud adoption through building knowledge in government and removing burdensome policy barriers.


Modernize security policies to focus on risk-based decision-making, automation, and moving protections closer to data.


Improve the ability of agencies to purchase cloud solutions through repeatable practices and sharing knowledge.


Upskill, retrain, and recruit key talent for cybersecurity, acquisition, and cloud engineering.

The case for using cloud capabilities in government has been clearly proven – to drive savings, to improve security, and to deliver mission-serving solutions faster.

Cloud Smart is about equipping agencies with the tools, knowledge, and flexibilities they need to move to cloud according to their mission needs.