Below are the FedRAMP key documents and templates.

Key Documents

Document Published Document Published
Package Request Form 6/19/2014 Quick Guide to FedRAMP Readiness Process 8/1/2014
Security Assessment Framework 6/6/2014 Incident Communications Procedure 4/8/2013
Guide to Understanding FedRAMP 6/6/2014 Security Controls 6/6/2014
FedRAMP Revision 4 Transition Guide 6/6/2014 Control Quick Guide 6/6/2014
FedRAMP Policy Memo 12/8/2011 Standard Contract Clauses 6/27/2012
JAB Charter 2/28/2012 Control Specific Contract Clauses 6/6/2014
Continuous Monitoring Strategy Guide 6/6/2014 Cloud Procurement Best Practices 2/24/2012
Significant Change Form 11/15/2012 Branding Guidance 12/17/2014
Guidance Package for Agency ATO 12/23/2014 FedRAMP Forward 2 Year Priorities 12/17/2014
POA&M Template User Guide 2/18/2014    

Key Templates

Please Refer to the NIST SP 800-53 FedRAMP Rev 4 Transition page to determine if NIST SP 800-53 FedRAMP Rev 3 templates may apply apply.

Document Published
System Security Plan (SSP) Template 6/6/2014
Contingency Plan Template 6/6/2014
FIPS 199 Template 5/2/2012
Privacy Threshold Analysis and Privacy Impact Assessment (PTA & PIA) Template 5/2/2012
Control Implementation Summary Template 6/6/2014
e-Authentication Template 9/19/2013
Rules of Behavior (RoB) Template 5/2/2012


Security Assessment Plan (SAP) Template 6/6/2014
Security Assessment Test Cases 6/6/2014


Security Assessment Report (SAR) Template 6/6/2014
Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) Template 10/9/2014
Template FedRAMP ATO Letter  


Continuous Monitoring Strategy Guide 6/6/2014
Security Assessment Plan for Annual Assessment 6/6/2014
Annual Security Assessment Report (SAR) Template 6/6/2014