Service Name: Enterprise Cloud Services Virtual Private Cloud (ECS-VPC) For United States (US) Public Sector

Description: HP ECS-VPC for U.S. Public Sector allows U.S. government organizations and educational institutions to achieve cloud computing objectives securely. This government only, community cloud computing offering is designed to meet the U.S. Public Sector’s high level of data protection and availability in a flexible cloud Infrastructure as a Service supporting both on-demand and reservation-based procurement models, physical and virtual server support, as well as 100% US based hosting within HP managed data centers. The offering features the HP Enterprise Cloud Services Portal to allow convenient management of the cloud environment by providing full operational visibility into the performance, availability, and configurations through a secured web-based interface.

Our HP-Managed Server and Customer-Managed Server packages give you core server building blocks and the flexibility to choose the options that best meet your government agency’s needs. With HP-Managed Server, HP manages the operating system for you; with Customer-Managed Server, you manage your own. HP owns, manages, and hosts all server hardware.

Service Model: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Deployment Model: Government Community

Impact Level: Moderate

Authorization Date: June 5, 2013 (JAB Provisional Authorization)

Package ID: F1206131373

3PAO: Lunarline, Inc. (FedRAMP accredited)

Contact Information: Marilyn Hays (